Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Training and Installations


PV 101 Residential - Online

PV training at your own pace.

An extensive and detailed course that will provide a solid technical background on designing and installing PV systems.

Start ANY time!

Eligible for NABCEP's Entry Level Exam.

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online course
Levelling PV Mounts

PV 51: Large Commercial

Commercial and utility scale installations need specific work skills, which we teach in communities around California. Perfect for a summer job, or for folks wanting to explore long term commitments to solar PV.

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PV 101 Blended

A two day, hands on practice lab scheduled for students after they've finished Online training.

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Eligible for the NABCEP Entry Level Exam

PV seminar room


for Electrical and HVAC Pros

Give us three days, we'll give you a new career! Stretch your existing HVAC or electrical services to include solar PV. In three days, you'll learn how to assess consumption and site viability, design a good system, and install it. You'll also have a full day of PV sales - how to close the deal!

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Learn PV to Power Up Your Career

Quickly and easily train online to become a PV installer or solar sales representative with our NABCEP-certified, online Entry Level PV course - one of the few in the nation! Start a new career in solar installations or expand your existing HVAC or electrical business to residential and small commercial PV systems. Learn how to design, site, and size the right solar electric system for your customer.

Solar has been growing unbelievably fast in these last few years. The growth rate in solar installations employment was almost 20% in 2013, 10 times faster than the national average! California leads the way, installing more than a gigawatt of new solar power in 2012. In fact, 97% of all new energy that came on-line in CA in the second half of 2013 was solar! 

PV Entry Level
Exam Provider
Join this amazing industry! Whether you're interested in working with a small residential company locally or a huge multinational solar project, we can teach you the proper skills and techniques to be valued by employers. We focus on safety, as well as efficiency of design and installations.
We've been in the Solar PV business ourselves since the 1980s, and we train to meet our own exacting standards. Join us!

EPC Services for Solar PV Projects

The partners of Solar Seminars also own a separate, professional PV installation company, CalCom Solar, that specializes in designing and installing solar electric offsets for agricultural clients. CalCom Solar provides project development services and/or Engineering, Procurement and Construction services for large photovoltaic systems installations from a few hundred kilowatt to multi-megawatt systems. Our team will work with you as needed to complete on-time and on-budget commercial PV projects. We provide services that can help in the project development stage or construction stage depending on what is needed, such as:

  • extensive financial analysis and modeling of project performance,
  • best practice PV system design and engineering,
  • effective procurement for the most cost effective and highest quality components,
  • detailed hands-on construction management and installation,
  • ongoing data monitoring, so that you know how well your system is performing, hour by hour.

Soaring utility costs and dropping solar photovoltaic prices are creating grid parity: where it becomes cheaper to produce power from solar than to buy it from the grid. It makes great financial sense to install solar PV to offset peak demand for commercial electricity – for California agricultural rate payers, peak electricity can cost more than 40¢ per kilowatt hour. For some clients, that translates into millions spent each year to power the machines that make their businesses grow. Our clients see a full return-on-investment within a few years, with basically ‘free’ power after that for at least 25 years.

Visit CalCom Solar's website for more information.

Specialized PV Courses

Solar Seminars offers an excellent, affordable photovoltaic installation course for newcomers to this remarkable industry - PV 101, an entry level solar course for residential and small commercial installations - is available online, any time you want. It is based directly on NABCEP’s solar PV training objectives, is as either an online or in person solar class at community colleges around California. We are a NABCEP provider for their entry level exam.

If you want to know how to best use solar and integrate PV systems to advance your own knowledge or career, our Online Only course is perfect for you: we offer one of the best online courses in the industry with full access to instructors, other students in forums, and our extensive references. This Online Only course requires no hands on work. Students who successfully complete the Online Only course can also sit for the NABCEP exam.

Because of our work in PV, we have developed several specialized courses as well: Solar Sales 101, PV 51 - skills needed for large commercial array installations, and HVAC to PV. The details for these are below. 

Solar PV Career Potential: What can you earn?

According to the BLS report,

"Solar installers usually have starting salaries between $30,000 and $40,000 per year. Installers trained as electricians or those that are licensed as general contractors can make significantly more."
SSi's Textbook

The textbook SSi uses in its courses was written by SSi staff and is available for sale.

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Solar Sales 101

3 days of intensive training.
Free reference textbook.

NO prior experience required.

Details here.


3 days of design training.
Hands-on installation practice.
PV technical sales training. FREE reference textbook.

Prior experience required.
Details here.

PV 51: Large Commercial

Learn the skills needed to work as a technician on large commercial installations.

No prior experience necessary, though previous work with hand tools or large machinery a benefit.

FREE reference textbook.

Details here.

PV 101: Entry Level Residential

and Small Commercial Installations.

Learn either in an online class or a blended class that combines online and two days of hands on. Free reference textbook.

NABCEP Entry Level Test Eligible.

Details here.

PV 101 Online

Based on the same learning materials as PV 101, this online only course uses text, images, diagrams, video, & assessments with access to online instructors.

NABCEP Entry Level Test Eligible.
Details here.

PV 101 Blended

A 2 day hands on practice lab to accompany the Online learning.

Details here.

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